“Why Is Work Important?” - Scott Wesley

Video / Produced by The High Calling

It's not easy to connect the work we do with the work that God does. The things I do professionally are usually very specific, low-impact tasks that may be important for a project I am working on, but rarely do much to edify or improve anyone else's life.

What's the connection between the work of God, this creation we see unfolding around us in ways we can't even begin to fully understand, and these few small scrawlings of mine, this comparatively insignificant detail work that is a big part of most of our professional lives? I'm still working this out.

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TRANSCRIPT: I think we're all created to work, and so if we are to step into the image of God or if we're created in his image, one of the things that he does is he works. He creates and he works. So, I think that we are at our best . . . We are the best version of ourselves when we're doing something that helps other people, when we're providing for our families, when we're working and supporting ourselves.