Video Feature: Sharing God’s Love in Our Work

Video / Produced by The High Calling
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This week we are featuring another short film by our friends at Deidox. In “Lindsay,” a young teacher discovers how her past experiences have prepared her for a unique ministry in New York public schools.

  • Lindsay finds quiet time with God on her way to work riding the New York subway. When do you find quiet time with God?
  • Lindsay says, “Many of my students haven’t been loved well. They have been abandoned … They don’t trust love.” Think about your coworkers and employees. Have they been loved well? How can you help these people feel respected and encouraged in their work?
  • Lindsay says God prepared her for the job of teaching kids in the Bronx. How has God prepared you to do the job you are doing right now?
  • Lindsay concludes, “My hope is that they will figure out that God loves them so much more than I ever could.” How does her work communicate God’s love to her students? How does your work communicate God’s love to the people around you?