“How Do Work and Faith Connect?” - Leigh McLeroy

Video / Produced by The High Calling
Transcript: When I started working—and I was a believer—I don't know that I really thought about how my faith connected to my work. I thought about how to get to the next place. You're 22 years old, you're just out of school, you're in your first job, and you're looking to see what the next one might be. Then, five years down the road you're looking to see what the next one might be. And, all of a sudden you are kind of on a treadmill and you really aren't necessarily geared that way, but that's the way the world does it.

I was functioning, I was doing well, and if you looked at the trajectory of my career you would say, "Nice, that's worked out really well for her." But for many years my heart wasn't connected to the work that I did. I felt like my spiritual life was one aspect of my world, and my work life was another. I wasn't reluctant to share my faith at work. I wasn't reluctant to fly my flag or let people know who I was, but I looked at what I was doing and I thought there's got to be a way to connect my heart and my hand. There's got to be a way to connect them. Over time, I figured out a way to do that. I don't know if everybody gets that opportunity, but I feel utterly and completely blessed.

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