“How Do We Know We’re on the Right Career Path?” - J. B. Wood

Video / Produced by The High Calling

We like to plan our lives in a very Google-maps way; the shortest path from A to B, with algorithms that let us know how long the trip is likely to take, even with traffic. Like Bilbo Baggins, we prefer to have our pocket handkerchiefs all packed and ready before we head out the door. In other words, we like to be in control.

But that's not how things tend to work out, is it? Adventures follow winding paths, to places we couldn't have expected. Look at the Odyssey, or at the path of Jesus traveling to Jerusalem, a short distance traveled over a much longer period of time than was "necessary".

Making plans is fine, as long as we stay open to the interruptions, diversions, and detours that so often conceal the most important opportunities of our lives.

J.B. Wood is a full-time business executive and author of At Work as it is in Heaven: 25 Ways to Re-imagine the Spiritual Purpose of Your Work.

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No one's career is a straight path; it's a more squiggly, circular, spirally type of path. A lot of people are just wired to want the big picture . . . the end result. It is important to have that vision, that ideal vision of an end point or an outcome, but there is a paradoxical side to complete surrender and accepting to whatever's in the moment. It's hard to think about surrender and to be okay with it. But as Christians—as people of faith—I think we have to accept this paradox that involves this mystery of driving forward, seeing God's hand at work in my work and what I'm doing and at the same time this complete stepping back and just giving up and surrendering that I am not the one in control. I think there's some sense of a peace one can engage and transcend all, like the stuff going on, and really just kind of trust God for . . . I'm doing my part, and God's doing his part.