He Put Me Here for a Reason

Video / Produced by The High Calling

Rudy's work maintaining roads, leading construction teams, practicing taxidermy, and raising his family in small town America, honors God and his community. He sees the talents he has been given as a God-given call to care for the places and people in his life.

Working in maintenance means that a lot of the time, no one notices the results of your labor unless something goes wrong: no one thinks much about a properly-drained irrigation system until the soccer field becomes a soccer swamp. But for Rudy, the work he does is always seen, and appreciated, by God.

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RUDY VOICEOVER: God wants me to keep taking care of His place, the ground that he made me walk on. Don't you think? I mean I do. I grew up in Leakey, about four miles right outside the city limits. It's a small town; the population is about 389. There's about 200 and maybe 225 kids who go to our school. It's like a small family that lives in different houses.

RUDY: "There he is."

RUDY VOICEOVER: We're not a ghost town yet. The Frio River still a little bit of water. I just love living here; I would never move. I would never move to a bigger city. I work at the H. E. Butt Foundation Camp. My job title is Construction Coordinator/Project Coordinator. Some days I'm working on roads; other days I'm working with contractors. I never get bored, because I don't just sit behind a desk and push a pencil. When I do go and talk to contractors, I check with them and find out how they're doing on their work, whether it's an electrician or a landscaper...

RUDY: Not much, how are you?


RUDY VOICEOVER: ...about how well the project is going or what they need.

RUDY: Hey Tom, how are you?

TOM: Alright!

RUDY: Are you doing okay?

[RUDY speaks to another worker in Spanish.]

RUDY VOICEOVER: Yeah, I work there at the camp; it's a good thing for me. Having pride in what I do. When I do something that I'm told to do, I enjoy doing it. If you do something that you're working on, for instance this animal . . . If I was to be mad, angry, because I had to do it, it would probably come out not looking right.

RUDY VOICEOVER: So doing things with pride, a good attitude, so when the job is done you can look back and pat yourself on the back and say, "Man, I did a good job."

[Light, playful background music]

No day is the same; it's the best office that I've had for the last 26 years. It's 2,000 acres. Every day is a different challenge.

[On the radio]: "Did you get a bunch of black stuff out?"

RUDY VOICEOVER: It think it's mostly about God; doing it for him. Keeping the place manicured so whenever He looks down and says, "Wow, man, that's a nice place down there. I wonder who takes care of it." You know what I mean? I guess that's why he put me here, you know. I mean I think that the reason He made me was he knew that, I guess, I was going to be working up there, and he thought, "Well, he's going to do a good job of having the place look nice and not run down to the ground." You know what I mean?