“Are We Called by God to Our Jobs?” - JB Wood

Video / Produced by The High Calling

Jim makes an interesting point when he says that finding our true calling is about more than bringing our faith with us to work; it's about finding the particular work, the specific situation, in which the talents and passions God has given us as individuals can flourish.

This can be, for most of us, a pretty messy process. Sometimes the job we think we were meant to have turns out to be wrong for us, or unavailable, or even nonexistent. Sometimes we don't realize the talents we have until we have to use them in ways we never expected, and new opportunities arise from what looked like a dead end. Sometimes they don't, and we have to make hard decisions.

Faith doesn't always provide us with a simple, five-step path to the job of our dreams. What it does provide us is the willingness to keep searching, to trust that God will make our purpose known.

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