Is Your Job a Trick or a Treat? October 26 Newsletter

Newsletter / Produced by The High Calling
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It’s almost Halloween, a time when some people buy costumes, some people stock up on candy, and some people...take stock of how we feel about work?

Most of us have been through experiences where work is either a trick or a treat. In this newsletter we’ll hear from people in both seasons. And we’ll be reminded that God’s power is more than that of any ghoulies and ghosties that might go bump in the night.

​Bearing the Mostly-Terrible, Not-So-Forever Job

From The High Calling

Difficulty at work comes in varying ways and at varying degrees. Sam Van Eman learns this from a friend who removes dead bodies for a living. Read more

Guidance to a Job or Profession

From the Theology of Work Project

You may not be able to immediately transform your job from trick to treat. But by paying attention to your truest desires, you can learn how your particular skills meet the needs of the big scary world. Read more

Feeling the Love at Work

From The High Calling

Do you feel like your work is an ill-fitting costume you put on? Loving your job starts with being true to you. Read more