Finding God on the Factory Floor: January 31 Newsletter

Newsletter / Produced by The High Calling
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At the end of the week a factory worker looks forward to a day of leisure with his kids, thinks about how his hard work gives them food and shelter, and prays their college fund will continue to grow. Would anyone accuse him of not being radical enough in his Christianity? This week our writers find God’s radical work on the factory floor.

God Rebuilds the World Through Our Work

From The High Calling

Let’s not make the mistake of estimating the value of our work based on the public esteem it enjoys. Read more

On the Assembly Line

From The High Calling

My father was a foreman on an assembly line building car transmissions. I do not endure the same physical challenges at the publishing house, but it’s still an assembly line.

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All Work in His Service

From the Theology of Work Project

The idea of vocation should not be limited to the clerical and caring professions. Factory workers, planners, engineers, and accountants all have vocations.

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