Do All These Career Changes Add Up to One Job? January 11 Newsletter

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Have you lived a long and productive life doing the thing you planned to do from the very beginning? If so, wonderful, and you probably don’t need this newsletter. But the rest of us, the ones who got a degree in one thing and explored six different careers in other things or who cobble together three different things to make one paycheck, sometimes wonder whether we can live out a single calling in confusing circumstances.

No matter how complex our working lives are, the Christian community reminds us that our ultimate purpose is serving God, more than explaining our vocational choices to ourselves and others. Christians can simply dedicate our lives to loving God and loving neighbors, and it will be enough. Really. Read on.

Career Changes: From Fear to Faith

From The High Calling

In the midst of moving and carving out a new career for myself, I face the fear of telling others about my seemingly foolish scheme. Read more

Telos: Orienting Ourselves to God’s Ultimate Purpose

From The High Calling

A trustworthy vision of the future acts as a compass, orienting us to where we are going so that we can continue in the right direction. Read more

Bloom Where You Are Planted

From the Theology of Work Project

Don’t make finding your life’s work into your life’s work. Read more