Does Your Work No Longer Satisfy You?

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I enjoy what I do. Like a beaming third grader, I do my work well so the boss will be happy. I want the company to succeed, even prosper and do my part to make it function. I like my coworkers and anticipate my time with them. However, I am not a person who finds his satisfaction in his work alone. I cannot put my trust in my labor, hoping that it satisfies the ache in my soul. If I do, I'll be found wanting in the end. That was Solomon's quest, his fruitless pursuit. "There is a God-shaped hole," Pascal wrote. And that hole cannot be filled by anything less than a relationship with Jesus. My job, profession, or occupation will never fill it. That's why work can feel so hollow at times. It was supposed to be like this. Read more of this article, Can’t Find Satisfaction.