Pastors Describe How They Use The TOW Bible Commentary for Preaching (Video)

Video / Produced by TOW Project

Trevor Lee and Brian Gray encourage pastors to put work into every sermon you preach. You can use the free Theology of Work Project Bible Commentary online to research the workplace implications of any book of the Bible.


When you're studying for a sermon, you're gonna get the same kinds of information from a lot of different commentaries, but you don't get that related to an actual life of work. And that's what the Theology of Work Commentary can give you that's unique.

Think about all of your preaching and all of your teaching and what your small group curriculums are doing. And then begin to look to see how those texts are supporting and creating implication for people in their work lives. And a resource to help do that really well is to have amongst the commentaries – most people probably have 2 or 3 that are go-to commentaries for them in their research – have one that's really pushing you towards implications for your people. And the Theology of Work commentary in particular will help give you a basically a set of lenses to translate between people's working lives and the context that they're in there with the biblical texts.