How Does My Secular Work Have Kingdom Impact? Webinar (Video)

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Does my "secular" work have kingdom impact? What is the inherent value of my work? Does God care what job I choose? How is my work valuable if it is not what’s traditionally considered missional work like for a church or non-profit? Panelists Valerie Kosiadi, John Shen, and Dave Hataj discuss these questions and more in our webinar.

0:00​ Intro
3:12​ Valerie Kosiadi
22:30​ John Shen
45:33​ Dave Hataj
1:01:49​ Q&A

Recorded March 27, 2021

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About the panelists

Dave Hataj

Dave is the second-generation president and owner of Edgerton Gear, Inc., a Wisconsin-based custom gear manufacturer, where has worked for over 30 years. He’s a journeyman machinist, a former pastor, with a Master’s degree in Family Business Systems and a Doctorate of Transformational Leadership. His innovative approach to small business has birthed two additional businesses, two charitable trusts, and a mentoring partnership with the local high school. He is the author of Good Work: How Blue Collar Business Can Change Lives, Communities, and the World.

Valerie Kosiadi

Valerie's journey of integrating faith and work has taken her overseas to learn about business as missions and to pursue impact-driven tech companies in Silicon Valley. Having served multiple technology companies in the role of customer success, she is now joining Pave to help build a team that reinvents the world of compensation to promote a more transparent future. Passionate about the intersection of faith, business, and justice, she is a Partner at Freedom Business Alliance, a faith-based global coalition of freedom businesses that give dignified employment to trafficking survivors.

John Shen

After spending 15 years in the industry, John P. Shen returned to CMU in 2015 and is currently based at the Silicon Valley campus. John was a Nokia Fellow and the founding director of the Nokia North America Research Lab, focusing on mobile computing and mobile services. Prior to joining Nokia in 2006, John was the Director of the Microarchitecture Research Lab at Intel. Prior to joining Intel in 2000, John was a tenured full Professor in the ECE Department at CMU where he supervised 20 PhD students, received multiple teaching awards, and published over 100 research papers and two textbooks. His current research focuses on highly energy-efficient & edge-native Neuromorphic Sensory Processing Units (NSPUs) capable of online continuous learning.

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