I Want My Pastor to Talk About My Work (Video)

Video / Produced by TOW Project

In this video former Boeing executive Al Erisman shares what he would have liked to hear from his pastor when he was working in the marketplace.

I was asked to address the question: What would I look for from a pastor in speaking to me about work?

What I would look for from a pastor is some confirmation that, yes, what I do everyday counts for the kingdom of God. In fact, I ought to be instructed in the way I should live and the importance of how I live in my work every day.

In the regular preaching, when the scripture is relevant to the workplace, I’d love to see them make reference. I’ve been involved in this project called the Theology of Work Project. We built a commentary about what every book of the Bible has to say about daily work. It’s a great resource to help a pastor in doing this.

No, I don’t expect a pastor to be my consultant to tell me how to make a decision in very complicated things at work. But I would like this kind of affirmation and encouragement to live out all of my life before the living God.