Cultivate Young Talent

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TMC Design, based in Las Cruces, New Mexico, champions young people by working with engineering students while they are in school. Owner Troy Scoughton’s goal has always been to keep young people in town by teaching them the joy of work.


HATTIE: TMC Design tries to grab young talent.

TROY: (Voiceover) We have an excellent co-op program with the university. Mechanical engineering students when they come over here — two gentlemen over here are mechanical engineer students. They work in the machine shop for the first couple years that they're here. That way, when they graduate and they design a part, they know where or not it can be machined.

HATTIE: (Voiceover) Leroy Gomez, Chris Ham and Troy Scoughton are owners of TMC Design, a fast-growing company based in Las Cruces. They primarily design and build custom systems used by the military for electronic warfare. HAM: This is one of the modulator circuit cards that we design and build that goes into a signal generator box that we build for the Air Force.

TROY SCOUGHTON: This is a typical monopole antenna. It's just like you have on your car. This is a dish antenna. This is a horn antenna. That one in the corner over there up on the wall, that's a big log periodic antenna. Let's pick this up first.

(Voiceover) Without boring you with all the technical details about this, what it does is allows our customers to specify exactly what they want to do... So these are 5/16ths. (Voiceover) ...and exactly... TROY: It's a total concept. We have 100 percent paid health insurance. We have 401(k). We have paid annual leave. We have 11 vacation days a year. Our benefits are excellent. Our salaries are very, very good

TROY: Everything is important — the marketing, making sure that you track everything, making sure that you treat your customers properly and making sure that financially you're doing smart things, and then, of course, taking care of your people. And if you don't take care of the business, you're not going to be able to take care of your people.

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