Could Family Be Part of a Calling?

Video / Produced by partner of TOW

Mark Roberts poses a question about family and work during his talk, All Good Work: Creation and Parenthood at Oikonomia Network's inaugural Karam Forum.

His talk serves as an illustration of the significance of children in "God works through the fruitfulness of childbearing" in Ruth and Work in the Theology of Work Bible Commentary.

Transcript of Video

If you think in terms of work/life balance – which is not very biblical, but if you did – you would say that so much of my life went into my “life,” and not as much went into my “work.” But as I thought that and as I prayerfully reflected on it, another thought occurred to me. Maybe my most influential work was raising my children to make a difference in the world. Now, having thought that, I thought, “wait a minute, I don’t think of my children as my work. They are my joy, my stewardship; but my work is being a pastor, a writer, a scholar, a foundation executive.” Could it be that my work as a father was living out my work through something that God wanted me to do, even in the context of my family?

Special thanks to Oikonomia Network.