Apple’s Former Retail Boss Compares His Relationship with God to Customer Care (Video)

Video / Produced by partner of TOW

Ron Johnson explains that maintaining a relationship with God is not so different from the way he managed relationships with Apple’s customers as SVP of Apple’s Retail Operations.


God is always present in our life. As a Christian it’s through the Holy Spirit.

God’s standing by ready to help. But you’ve got to learn how to connect with God quickly, and that takes a deep relationship.

I talk about that in my work. We’re in the relationship business at Apple. We’re either launching, deepening, or restoring a relationship. It’s the same with our relationship with God. If we’re not feeling that connection, we’ve got to deepen that relationship.

What do you do? You go open the Bible. You read a spiritual book. You go to church. You talk to a friend. You’ve got to find a way to start to let in all the ways that God talks to us. And then sometimes you’ve got to restore that relationship. You’ve got to acknowledge that, “Hey, I’m sorry God I haven’t been very good, forgive me, let me get better.”

It’s through building that relationship that I have access to God when things are difficult.

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