Alistair Mackenzie on the Equipping Church (Video)

Video / Produced by Individual TOW Project member

In this video, Alistair Mackenzie of the Theology of Work Project describes his research on how churches equip their members to apply the Bible to their whole life's work.

Alistair is a Teaching Fellow at Laidlaw College - Christchurch, New Zealand. He began his working life in his family's timber mill and then as a truck driver while completing a science degree. After becoming a Christian and completing theological training, he spent 23 years in pastoral leadership of three Baptist churches in New Zealand and was also involved in the leadership of Servants to Asia's Urban Poor (a mission and community development agency).

Alistair has served as a staff worker with the Tertiary Students Christian Fellowship, and done postgraduate study on the theology of vocation and work. He authored Where's God on Monday?, SoulPurpose: Making a Difference in Life and Work and Just Decisions: Christians Ethics Go to Work. He is the founding director of Faith at Work, New Zealand, has been employed as a mission consultant with the Baptist Churches of New Zealand and participated in the Lausanne Committee's Marketplace Ministry Issue Group.

For Further Reading

This video serves as an illustration in the Theology of Work Project article, The Equipping Church Overview. The Equipping Church Overview explores what churches around the world are doing to equip Christians to connect their faith with their daily work.

Used by permission of the Faith at Work Summit 2016.