“How Do We Know Our Calling in the Workplace?” - J. B. Wood (Video)

Video / Produced by The High Calling

We work in a professional environment that requires us to come up with a cohesive narrative for our entire career. There is pressure to be "on track," or moving constantly onward and upward in our field. As such, we tend to see our lives as a commute rather than an expedition; we measure success based on how quickly we reach our destination.

But life can be messier than that. Our careers often take unexpected turns that lead to places we never thought we could go, but may take us exactly where we're supposed to be. Discovering calling requires both openness and faithful attention to what's going on right in front of us. It's fine to have goals, as long as we recognize that God's plans might be different than our own.


A lot of times we associate the word "calling" with some kind of a spiritual epiphany, especially if you think the clergy . . . "Well, that was their calling." I think the calling of our work and our careers is much more of an unraveling over time by kind of putting on hold the idea that there's like this big magical position that you're supposed to be in and instead taking the approach or the attitude that my calling right now, today, is to make the most out of what's in front of me. We may discover something about ourselves that we never really knew by diving into just what happens to be in front of us today. That, to me, is the unraveling of a fulfilling career path that is completely integrated with God's purposes for your life.

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