Is There a Difference Between Calling and Work? (Video)

Video / Produced by The High Calling


The primary thing that seems to be our calling is our identity. And that's not usually what people think of when they ask the question "What is my call?" Usually the question that lurks behind that is "What's the job I'm supposed to do? What's the thing, the appetite, the skill, the capacity that might be distinctly mine." But I think what we're meant to bring to real time and space is not a job description or even principally a set of skills, or gifts. I think we're primarily meant to bring our identity. Who are we as creatures made in God's image? Known by Jesus as the one who's called us to be faithful followers. I might not have a job. I might not have a clear picture of whether my work is meaningful or satisfying. I may have very meaningful work that doesn't satisfy. Whatever the combination of circumstances might be, the issue of identity is still the same. But today, who am I to be? How do I display the reality of being an earnest follower of Jesus who displays the righteousness and justice and mercy of God?


Mark Labberton, the president of Fuller Seminary and our personal friend published an incredibly important new book, Called. Mark Roberts, primary author of our Daily Reflections, felt so strongly about the book that he commissioned several videos to help bring Labberton’s ideas to as many people as possible. Marcus Goodyear, editor of The High Calling, has said plainly, “If you read The High Calling, you must read Mark Labberton’s new book.”